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Aestheticians apply lasers to the follicle to eliminate unwanted hair , leaving skin silky and smooth. Laser light disables follicles and inhibits future hair growth on a chosen area.

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Skilled laser technicians remove unwanted hair from chosen areas, leaving skin smooth to the touch. Skilled professionals aim to reduce hair growth by targeting the follicles with a laser selecting dark hairs while leaving skin undamaged. Skilled technician uses IPL laser to remove unwanted hair from chosen body areas.

Beautician uses laser to remove unnecessary hair and create a lasting effect of smooth skin.

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Customers can increase their confidence by having a professional remove the unwanted hairs with the use of laser heat. Licensed professionals use a laser to target follicles, thereby reducing the growth of hair.

A qualified aesthetician uses precise laser technology to permanently remove unwanted hair from selected areas of the body. Skilled beauty technician targets chosen body areas with laser light to remove unwanted hair and leave skin smooth for a long time.

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Remove unwanted hair from all over the body with laser hair removal treatments that leave being silky smooth skin. Soprano XLi lasers target hair follicles on such areas as the upper back, full legs, shoulders, and bikini line. Certified laser technicians treat unwanted hair with long-lasting results. Professionals use laser to destroy hair follicles and reduce unwanted hair from chosen areas.

Laser Hair Removal

Technician uses a laser to target follicles, gradually reducing the growth of unwanted hair. A qualified aesthetician uses precise laser technology to remove unwanted hair from selected areas of the body. Our guide to the best type of laser hair removal machines depending on skin type. Hair Removal Laser Hair Removal Our commitment is to provide you with the highest quality treatments and best results, offering great deals and special options to ensure that you get the most superior value for money.

Enquire about our laser hair removal deals and specials at our Unique Laser clinics in Melbourne, Geelong or Ballarat. We achieve outstanding results through meticulous attention to detail with a previous free patch test to assess your optimum settings for your first treatment and with the latest and highest powered diode laser technology in the market, giving each client nothing short of the most effective and up to date treatment each and every time and at affordable prices.

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