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Sizes range from small to a 6 XL. The founders of Woman Within wanted female shoppers to have access to great clothing and accessories. During its early days, the company primarily focused on catalog sales. Women could contact the company, request a catalog and shop from the comfort of their own homes. As the popularity of online shopping grew, Woman Within launched its own website that would let women view new items before they received a new catalog.

While the majority of its sales occur online, the company still operates its own catalog.

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This catalog is available as a paper catalog mailed to shoppers' homes or as a mobile app that they can download. As a plus size clothing company, Woman Within can count Catherine's and Lane Bryant among its competitors. As Lane Bryant has the majority of the market share in this industry, Woman Within partnered with other similar companies to make it easier for women to shop for clothing from multiple companies at the same time. When you visit the official website today, you'll find links to similar affiliate companies like Roaman's and Jessica London.

Those companies support each other and give the other shops a percentage of the sales made off visitors coming from other pages. Woman Within believes that women should look their fashionable best, which is why the site offers such a wide range of clothing options and sizes. The company also supports Dress for Success, which is a program designed to help women dress for the jobs they want to have.

Its support helped thousands of women across the country gain the skills, tools and even clothing they needed when applying for new jobs. The company's commitment to helping women dress better is clear in the videos it posts online too. The short video How to Cuff Your Jeans to get some tips on cuffing your jeans.

The experts showcased in this video will also give you some tips on how to wear cuffed denim. As you shop the website, you'll find thousands of items available every day. The home page lets you select specific categories like tops, bottoms, dresses, swimwear and outerwear.

Once you choose one of those links, you'll see how you can narrow down that selection. The bottoms category, for example, includes jeans. When you go to the jeans section, you can view all wide leg, skinny, boot cut and other types of jeans. Woman Within also offers various types of sleepwear, including flannel pajamas, robes and slippers. Since its early days, the company wanted to provide women with products that were hard to find or not available in local stores.

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You'll find that it still offers a larger selection of lingerie for plus-size women than similar stores do. Bras are available in sizes up to a DDD, and you can view a simple video on the Woman Within website that shows you how to accurately measure yourself to determine the bra size that you need. Woman Within also offers shoes from manufacturers that have experience in plus sizing. You can shop for boots that have adjustable straps and other accessories designed to fit wider calves. There are also many wider size shoes and boots available in cute styles that you might not find in your city.

Woman Within has all the clothing and accessories plus size women desire. Though many of the videos uploaded by the company focus on the newest fashions and accessories available online, you'll also find videos that give you tips on wearing the hottest trends and updating your look. Woman Within on Pinterest : Woman Within wants women of all sizes you know that they deserve the right to look their best, which is why the company creates and shares so many boards on Pinterest.

Those boards give you tips on everything from wearing patriotic looks in the summer and choosing new boots for winter to shopping for plus size women and how to dress at work. Woman Within on Facebook : Connect with other women who love the same fashions that you do on Facebook. Our catalogs and website do offer different sales and promotions from one another, which is why you may see a difference in price for the same item. I purchased a pair of swim pants in March, in anticipation of my beach vacation in May. When I received the product, I tried them on and was satisfied with the fit.

I set them aside for future packing.

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While on vacation I wore the pants for the first time and the drawstring became detached. When I returned home, I called Woman Within to make arrangements for a replacement pair of pants. They weren't willing to make a single allowance for the fact that the product was defective. I have been a patron of this company well in excess of a decade. I am incensed over this complete lack of customer service and refusal to stand behind the quality of the products they are selling.

They clearly consider them disposable if they are unwilling to support them past 60 days. In my case, not even beyond one hour! Pathetic customer support. So very disappointing, after all these years. I have a credit card that I paid off, I paid balance in full. I closed this card. A month goes by and I get a email from them saying a have a balance of I thought that I closed that account with a zero balance. I paid the balanced that I owed, I even checked by 2 weeks later and my balance was zero. I thought what a huge lie. I honestly think these scam artist should be turned over to the BBB and the state Attorney General and should be forced to pay a fine.

65 coupons, codes and deals

Total fraud, seriously folks try cancelling your card, you will be paying months to get rid of it. It would be better to use a Visa or Mastercard. Do not fall for the scam and get their high interest cards. I am very sorry for the frustration you experienced. The Woman Within credit card is owned and managed by Comenity Bank, which is a separate entity.

We encourage you to contact them to review your payment and balance history. I have been purchasing from Woman Within for a while now and usually love their items. This past time, however, I bought 2 pairs of capri pants, tried them on they fit and as usual put them in the laundry. I always launder my clothes prior to wearing them. When I went to wear them they were at least 2 sizes too small. It had only been one day between trying them on and washing them so I know it wasn't me that gained weight.

When I tried to exchange them for a larger size I was told I could not because I had laundered them. I was apprehensive about purchasing more at one size up because they shrank so much in the wash. Sincerely disappointed. You had ONE job!! Thursday comes and no package so I decided that we would leave Friday instead so that I could receive the package then. Friday comes and NO package.. That line kept saying they were closed but it was well within two hours of them closing so I left a message for them to call me back and of course to this day I have never received a callback.. I am very sorry for the error in shipment and the frustration you experienced.

I have sent you a message requesting some additional info so I can help. I received three tops from Woman Within. They were too large their sizes run large so, using the return form, I requested the same three items in a smaller size. After a long wait, I got an email from PayPal that I had received a refund. I called Woman Within's customer service. They deducted for shipping so I didn't get back the full amount. Instead of just having this information on their website they should have a notice when you pay that you can't exchange, or put a note in with the shipment that exchanges are not possible with PayPal.

The tops were thin, but what I paid for them I thought I could use them for a while even though I didn't think they would last long. I am canceling my account with them and will not use them in the future.

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We do advise that PayPal and Amazon purchases cannot be exchanged on the invoice included with each package. We're sorry you missed that. We appreciate your suggestion in adding a notation during checking and I'll be sure to share your feedback with our team. I just got notice to expect twenty-five days before delivery of two pairs of pajamas, which are the same style in two different colors. Not a complex order.

Fast to take your money, slow beyond slow to deliver. I won't order again. Not worth the wait. Terrible customer service. I'm very sorry for the frustration. The ad leads you to believe that both were available. The only star I gave you is for the "Chat" person, Patricia, who was very cordial. I have in the past had this issue with your company. Please remove me from your list for further catalogs.

I don't need this frustration as a senior citizen. I'm very sorry for the poor experience you had. I've sent you a private message requesting some additional info so I can look into this. I have been purchasing through Woman Within for many years. Recently I have had issues with the wrong size and have to return items.

I, too have had a return that ended up being credited for almost nothing. I was not aware of the time limit on returns and I also had to pay for the return shipping. I barely received any credit. I then tried to return some items in December. I sent 5 items from two different orders in one package. I received the credit for two of the items in a timely fashion.

The other three items I had to call about. They requested the item number on the invoice. I provided that and then was told that was not a valid item number. I was told to provide the invoice number so they could look it up! I'm not well off but my time is valuable. I have decided, I will eat this current problem since I charged it and never will order from this company or any Full Beauty company again. They have all the information in the computer system. Why do I have to scramble to get the information for them.

I'm done!!! Our return policy can be found on our website, catalogs, and invoice included with each package. We encourage you to contact us prior to returning items that are incorrect so we can assist with the return. I've sent you a private message so I can look into the second part of the return you referenced. Placed an order, AZ and when I received the order with extremely disappointed. I ordered sizes per guidelines on the website, and the clothes were 3 sizes too big! Then when I tried to process a return, was told that I have to pay for shipping back.

My refund was short by about 7. This is a no care no help company I found a better place to shop. I've sent you a private message requesting some additional info so I can help. I have had at least six items shrink so much after the first wash, that I had to donate them to charity. I never got to wear them. I usually follow the manufacturer's instructions as to care of the items, but despite washing the items by hand or in cold water, and drying on the delicate cycle or air drying, they shrink.

I am also disappointed over the quality of the clothing over the years. The fabric is often thin and tears easily! The colors fade rapidly until the item no longer looks like the same one that I bought. I think I will find another plus size catalog to shop from. I'm disappointed to learn of the poor experienced you had.

We appreciate your feedback, and I will definitely share your concerns with our team. I ordered a pack of underwear. Well, they were much too big. Something personal came up and I was not able to return them in the 60 days. Rather than being understanding they returned the much too big underwear.

Talk about petty. It's not like I wore them. Very horrible company and will never ever order from them. Maybe people need a little compassion and understanding. I will make sure no one buys from here. Simply ridiculous. Too bad I had to give a 1 star review. We are unable to honor any returns outside of our return timeframe. I'm very sorry for the frustration this has caused.

My only notification was a phone call from the collections company. Even though I have proof of payment via my Discover card Woman Within refuses to drop the collections. I have spoken with Discover on 3 occasions. They assure me the bill was paid. I have in turn told them that they need to call their merchant service for Discover with their merchant ID and sort it out.

As the merchant I feel like they should have understood that process without me telling them to do it. Needless to say I have not and will not do business with them again. I'm very sorry for the frustration you have experienced. I'd like to help! They used to have a good selection of clothing but not anymore. I could turn to a page and see a number of T-shirts of different colors or a number of slacks but now the selection is limited.

I like to mix and match but the newer clothes don't allow that. I ordered a button down blouse and when I got it there were holes in the shoulders so I sent it back. It was not obvious there would be holes in the shoulders unless I looked closely. I shop Woman Within because I am a large woman but a lot of the styles are not flattering to someone my size.

I placed an order for a sweater and on the day the sweater was supposed to be delivered my area had a blizzard. USPS returned the order rather than continue with the delivery. Woman Within processed the return but subtracted shipping for the return. I don't understand what sort of business practice would charge a customer for attempting to buy a product. I have explained several times that the return was not initiated by me, that I actually still need a sweater and would have liked to have the product I purchased.

I have purchased several sweaters of the years from Woman Within, but I will no longer be a customer of this business. Very poor customer service and overall disappointed with the response. I've sent you a message requesting some additional info. I purchased a few items and the quality and sizing was awful so I returned the items. They were in original packaging and one of them had not been opened. When I called them I was informed as per their new policy it had to be returned in 60 days. I asked how they notified their customers about new policy and was told, "It's on the website. I live in a rural area with a post office with limited hours and do not make many trips to the post office.

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I am also sure that they received it under 60 days. I informed her I will be sending the items back and she told me I will not be getting credit for them. She also informed me they will send them back and I told her I will refuse them and take that amount off my bill. I have filed a complaint with the BBB. If they were as advertised there would not be any reason to return them. I think with everything I have ordered from them I have returned more items than I have kept because of the poor quality of their items.

I purchased 2 of these items. This fabric shedded really really bad.

Woman Within

Suggest that maybe you wash this item before wear. Instead, I received a phone call from Woman Within customer service wanting to verify my purchase "for my protection. I finally called customer service and spoke to 2 people who told me that e-gift cards take hours to process - for an EMAIL to process! I asked the second person I spoke to if I could speak to someone else who would be able to assure that I received the e-gift card in time for my grandmother's birthday. She said she would let me speak to a supervisor and then placed me on hold.

When she came back, she said that no one else would speak to me and just said, again, that it would take hours to process. This hour processing time was not communicated to me during the checkout process.